MT Series


The OxiMax MT Series is a range of online Electrochlorination equipment designed to produce hypochlorite from water with salinities ranging from 500 ppm to seawater. The machines are reliable, compact, modular, cost effective and light weight, allowing wall mounting and simple expansion if required.


The MT Series is ideal for swimming pools, water parks, water features, offshore platforms and a range of water treatment applications. Many hundreds of MT Series are in daily operation around the world and three configurations are available:

The MTLS Series is designed specifically for low salinity (3 – 8 g/l) swimming pools and water features. Multiple modules can be combined to give outputs from 70 – 2,500 g/hr.

The MTS Series is designed for seawater (25 – 40 g/l) pools and modules can be combined for outputs from 300 – 3,000 g/hr.

The new MV Series consists of concentric tubes and is designed to be used w ith virtually any salinity water. This new Series is enormously flexible and uses velocity cleaning to prevent scale build up on the tubes and eliminate the need for Acid Cleanin g.

Applications range from swimming pools, to on line water treatment, to offshore facilities.


Saline water from the pool, sea or process is passed through the Cells at high velocity, giving high efficiency and self-cleaning. The control system allows DC power to be applied to the Cells, resulting in the production of Sodium Hypochlorite, which transfers back to the pool, seawater system or process.

The Hypochlorite output of each system can be varied either manually or by automatic control, allowing precise disinfection levels to be maintained at all times. Typically, Microprocessor control is used, although PLC control with a touch screen HMI is also available.


  • No need for acid cleaning
  • Safe – no need to transport or store hazardous chemicals
  • Flexible – allows disinfection of water with wide ranging salinities
  • Modular – simple expansion and simple exchange of any parts requiring maintenance
  • Simple, reliable, cost effective and low maintenance
  • Acid cleaning is either eliminated or minimised
  • Extremely long Electrode life, typically 5 – 9 years
  • High performance SC12 MMO Coatings used on Anodes for optimum performance and life
  • Automatic control and monitoring by either Microprocessor or PLC with Touch Screen

OxiMax MT Series Electrochlorination System Sizing

A typical OxiMax MT Series system consists of some or all of the following:

  • OxiMax MT Series Cells
  • DC Power Supply
  • Microprocessor Control
  • Variable output controlled by ORP or
  • Chlorine Analysis

Example 1

If you have a 500,000 litre, low salinity swimming pool, we can offer an MTLS500/2 = 2 x MTLS (250 g/hr) cells

Example 2

If you have a 3,000,000 litre seawater swimming pool, we can offer an MTS3000/10 = 10 x MTS (300 g/hr) cells.

Example 3

If you have a 1,000,000 fresh water swimming pool, we can offer an MV1050/3 = 3 x MV (350 g/hr) cells.

MTLS, MTS or MV cells are used as the building blocks to form an entire OxiMax MT Series Electrochlorinator.