Water Engineers is focused on water treatment with a particular emphasis on water disinfection, biofouling control and filtration solutions. Our area of operation covers Australia, New Zealand, Asia, USA, India, Europe and the Middle East.

Our water disinfection and biofouling control systems use Electrochlorination and / or Chlorine Dioxide as the base technology to ensure personnel safety, continuity of supply and cost effectiveness for the end user.

The Process

Water Engineers are specialists in Electrochlorination (salt chlorination) processes where common salt (Sodium Chloride) is converted to low strength (up to 1%) hypochlorous acid and sodium hypochlorite by electrolysis.

The actual reactions are complex, but the key Electrochlorination reaction can be represented by the following equation:

NaCl + H2O + energy > HOCl + NaOCl + H2

Salt , power and water are the raw materials for this process and the availability and source of the salt often determines the most appropriate Electrochlorinator design for a particular application.

Benefits of Electrochlorination

  • No wastage
  • Robust, reliable, user friendly and fully automated
  • Consistent sodium hypochlorite strength
  • Make your own sodium hypochlorite on demand, eliminate dependency on outside suppliers
  • Large operating cost savings at reasonable Capital Cost = Short Payback
  • Reduced down time due to reduced maintenance time
  • Increased safety: no handling of hazardous chemicals