Treating Potable Water

Potable water is water which is safe to drink for people in most stages of life. It should contain no harmful concentrations of chemicals or pathogenic microorganisms, and ideally it should be aesthetically pleasing in regard to appearance, taste and odour. Most of the world’s potable water is disinfected with chlorine, as it is well proven and it has a residual effect to maintain water quality from the reservoir to the consumer.

Traditionally chlorine gas or bulk hypochlorite has been used for this process, but new technology has allowed On Site Generation to be a viable alternative. The OxiMax MM and MA Series have many innovative features making them a logical choice a wide range of water treatment applications.

On Site Generation is safe, reliable and economic. In conjunction with our associate companies we have now installed hundreds of OxiMax machines throughout Australia and the world in this application, including 15 at reservoirs around Sydney Australia.

Operators of almost any water treatment system currently using chlorine gas (or bulk sodium hypochlorite) should consider the safety and economic benefits of an OxiMax On Site Generation system.

Over recent years, Chlorine Dioxide has been recognised as having significant benefits in the treatment of Potable Water and the introduction of our eChem equipment has allowed the on site production of Chlorine Dioxide safely and efficiently.

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